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Apr. 21st, 2015 09:18 am
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I spent about seven hours yesterday on [community profile] metanews, and I'm not done for the week yet. That adds to the two or three hours I spent on Saturday. I think I'm spending too much time on this, but I can't help wanting it to be done properly, and no one else is currently available to do it. I want those other possible volunteers on board now. I am a little worried that the senior moderator is telling people that this is an hour a week commitment. The blog list, even just half of it, takes considerably longer, and I strongly suspect that doing Tumblr would take a lot longer, too.

I ended up giving myself a headache while working on [community profile] metanews. It started about midway through the time I spent and went away within an hour of me stopping. I don't think it was purely eyestrain because I kept using my laptop after I stopped link finding. I suppose I'll see if I get a headache again today.

Cordelia was very disappointed that Scott was working late last night. The school actually sent home a coupon for the PTO fundraiser at Olga's, and normally, we'd get dinner there under those circumstances, but there was really no way to make it work with Scott getting home around 8:00. I generally need to eat before 8:00 if I'm going to bed at 11:00, and that's especially true if we go to Olga's.

I emailed Scott's sister on Saturday or Sunday to say that I'd love to have lunch with her and her friend today. I haven't heard back from her which surprises me. Maybe she figures there's nothing to say. I know her appointment's at 11:30, so she's unlikely to get here any earlier than 12:30. I'll just aim to be ready to go by noon, and that should be fine.

I think I overdid somehow yesterday even though I didn't do much. Maybe I should have had Cordelia prepare dinner. When I took off the boot last night, my bad foot really hurt. I still slept reasonably well, thank goodness. I didn't go back to sleep after Scott got up, but that happens sometimes, even when my foot doesn't hurt. I just hope that going out today isn't a mistake in that regard. Well, even if it is, I really need to get out of the house for something that's not a medical appointment. It will be really nice to talk to someone who's not Scott or Cordelia.

I should go back to HabitRPG. I've been on hiatus from that for two or three weeks now because I just couldn't face it right then, and I haven't been able to get myself to go back. I did put my character into the inn, so the other people in my party aren't suffering because of me not checking in.

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Apr. 20th, 2015 09:01 pm
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Today I spent two hours trying to de-rat poop the garage and the basement. I now understand something deeply in my soul that I did not truly understand before. I mean, if you had said it to me, I would have agreed, but I didn't know it. And that thing is: whatever you do not clean will be dirty.

God. Think about all the parts of your house that you don't clean. Under the stove. Behind the refrigerator. The cracks in the windowsills. The space under the sink. The gaps where things don't quite meet. The rot under the plywood, the crumbling of the foundations. Think of the dirt collecting there. Think of the silverfish and spider eggs and black mold waiting there to diffuse out into the air you breathe. It turns out we have never mopped the garage floor and as a result parts of it are made out of humus. There were parts so dusty I went to mop them with my 10% bleach solution and it just beaded up and ran off. Waves of spiders ran from me. I didn't even get to it all, because I would have had to move the 50 lbs of old paint cans that the previous owners left us. I am never going to feel clean again, I am never going to feel safe in my house again, and I kind of want to secede from my skin because it's been touching everything around me.
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Man, I'm doing a terrible job blogging this trip! Unlike when we travel on our own, at our own pace and also Geoff enjoys an afternoon siesta which is typing time for me, on this trip they're keeping us really busy dashing here and there, and the hours yesterday in the airport and on the plane, when I had vaguely planned to write some things up, I ended up being exhausted and staring blankly at some very pleasant fic I'd loaded up before leaving instead of putting my brain in gear. But I have twenty minutes now before we have to be in the hotel lobby to catch the bus to whatever we're doing today, so! )

Weirdly, Geoff is having a much harder time getting on line than I am, even though we have essentially the same tech and the same VPN. He can receive mail but not send it; I generally manage to do almost anything I want, though it may take a couple of tries (Nd there was that one time when I could only connect if the VPN was off, wtf).
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The Balticon hotel is full up on Saturday. Anyone have a room and looking for roommates? I have asked about overflow, but depending on how far away the nearest overflow room is, [personal profile] holli and I may just drive back to DC to sleep.

We are both real people and do not smoke, snore, or axe murder.

Have booked a room at the Embassy Suites across the highway! [personal profile] holli and I would like to add at least one person to the suite; comment, email, or PM if you're interested.


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