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And now for a completely different entertainment review: a musical adaptation of a bunch of Mo Willems' Elephant and Piggie books, titled We Are in a Play!

Elephant and Piggie, if you're not familiar, are early reader books (i.e., extremely limited vocabulary and low-density text) about the two best friends of the title. They are to be treasured, because they are adorably fun for adults as well as children—SteelyKid can rattle through them with ease, now, but the Pip also loves them to pieces, and they're wonderful for dramatic readings. (I went to our local used bookstore, hoping to get a stack of them, and couldn't find a single one of any of Willems' books. The library has an entire shelf of Elephant & Piggie that sometimes goes down as low as a couple of books.)

This was about an hour long and transitioned between, uh, at least seven of the books. [*] The Pip got a bit restless by the end, especially as the adaptation of We Are in a Book! to ...Play! involved audience participation, which he was not having any of (that's my kid), but on the whole it went down well with them. I liked it too, except the song they made of I Am Going!, because having Gerald (the elephant) not only sing at Piggie about how he doesn't want her to go but physically stop her is weird and creepy and yuck.

[*] I Am Invited to a Party!; Elephants Cannot Dance!; Listen to My Trumpet!; I Love My New Toy!; I Am Going!; Should I Share My Ice Cream?; We Are in a Book!. I am not entirely sure of the order of these.

With that caveat, recommended. And seriously, Willems is a treasure, you can't go wrong with E&P, or the Pigeon, or the Knuffle Bunny trilogy.

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May. 25th, 2015 06:44 pm
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I've started reading through my remixee's fics. The task seems overwhelming because there are so many of them in the fandom we matched on. I'm also not sure I have a good grasp of the character they favor most, and I no longer have ready access to canon (It's a big fandom, so I'm sure there has to be a wiki). They also have a bias toward fluff that I will probably end up subverting simply because I'm incapable of fluff. I did look at the three fics they have in another common fandom, and I really liked one of those, but it's been remixed before by someone else, so I would rather find something else to remix.

I actually hope I matched to be remixed in Narnia and not in Weiss Kreuz. I feel like my Weiss stories have been very thoroughly picked over, so that someone might have a hard time finding a story they liked that hadn't been remixed already. I wouldn't mind a second remix of the same story, of course. If there's one thing I know about Remix, it's that no two people write the same story, not even when they start from the same point. But there were only two or three people offering to remix Weiss Kreuz, and they're likely to be people who've remixed my work before. I'd think they'd want a different challenge.

a thing that happened.

May. 25th, 2015 11:05 am
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Someone tapped me on the shoulder and said, "Susan." I said "yes" and turned around and found myself face to face with The Person at Wiscon I Don't Want To Interact With. I thought I had girded my loins for this. I was going to continue to refuse to interact with them (yes, even when you lean out of your chair at a 45-degree angle and wave your whole arm and spread hand in front of me, I cannot see you, is it not amazing) unless they forced me to, and then I would say clearly and firmly, "I still don't want to interact with you," and not care if I got judged to be a bitch.

I think if I had seen them coming, I would have been able to pull up my big-girl loin girds and do that. But they came from behind, and suddenly there we were, less than a foot apart and in conversation already.

Ten years of refusing to interact down the drain, because now they can say, "How was I supposed to know you didn't want to interact? We had a perfectly fine conversation at Wiscon 39!"


Mad Max: Fury Road

May. 25th, 2015 11:05 am
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Saw it last night. It's better than I expected but not as good as many people seem to find it.

I saw it described numerous places as a two-hour chase scene and that just sounded really tiring, especially combined with its over-the-top aesthetic. But it does know that viewers need quiet moments to catch their breath and the pacing works pretty well—though I misunderstood spoilers and thought the movie ended somewhat sooner than it actually did, so that was a little weird for me.

I've seen a lot of praise for the action scenes, particularly their use of actual vehicles. To me, something about the way the first vehicle sequence was shot didn't make it look any more or less "real" than good CGI—I think it may have been slowing down and speeding up things for effect? It wasn't very engaging, anyway, though not as distancing as the truly terrible opening sequence of Ultron. By the last big setpiece I was engaged, but that was probably as much emotional as anything. And, overall, the aesthetic was not particularly my thing (except for Imperator Furiosa, Charlize Theron's character, which (a) has her face and (b) is about the most simple thing in the movie).

Yes, it is about the toxicity of masculinity in a sexist world, and yes, there are lots of matter-of-factly disabled characters, including at least one and possibly two protagonists, depending on how you view things. (However, there is just one obviously non-white character.) But enough was done right about sexism and the female characters that three moments spotlighting male characters at the expense of female characters felt particularly jarring to me—not enough to completely overcome the overall effect, but enough to be distracting and unpleasant.

Finally for general comments, many of the logistics make zero sense, as people have noted. The majority of them I can accept as (a) the product of a deranged mind who doesn't care so much about efficiency as supporting a cult (the water distribution, human milk, gasoline wasting) or (b) the price of admission (Max's likely age). The one I can't actually handwave past is Furiosa having the position she does, actually; she's the only woman we see driving rigs or in a position of explicit authority over men, and I have no idea how she could've got there in this atmosphere. There'd be no movie otherwise, so, price of admission, but I care about her unlike Max, so I poke at the question. (Well, I care about Max, but only with Furiosa. I started getting into the action sequences when they started wordlessly working together, handing each other weapons and trading off shots; and as Chad tells me someone said, there is more chemistry in the bit with the shoulder rest than in the entirety of Ultron.)

Before I get into spoilers, the last thing I can say outside a cut is that that song "Matches" I mentioned last week is totally apropos to this movie. *puts on repeat*

Now, for spoilers. First a thing that is a moderate spoiler but is also an important content note/trigger warning that I haven't seen mentioned elsewhere (though I haven't been reading a ton of stuff about this movie):

moderate spoiler, content note/trigger warning )

And now for the rest of the spoilers.

spoilers )

New-to-me trailers:

Vacation. Oh geez, make it stop. (NSFW.)

San Andreas. I am so fucking over the expectation that I will find the deaths of millions entertaining. Especially when the trailer ends with a super-cynical effort to mitigate its own disaster porn by linking to a disaster preparedness website. Fuck. Off.

Crimson Peak. Nice to see a trailer for something I won't see because it looks good at what it does. (I don't do horror. Which is too bad because, Jessica Chastain's face.)

Terminator Genisys. I like that they're starting with Sarah already badass, but do we really need to keep doing this? I don't think so.

The Transporter Refueled. I entirely checked out during this, other than to note that Jason Statham apparently is too expensive for these now.

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May. 25th, 2015 10:48 am
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Scott and I both slept very badly last night, too. Most of it was due to Scott's coughing, but I also had a reflux episode that made me get out of bed and sit in the living room for about an hour and a half. Scott's still in bed now, trying desperately to sleep.

We didn't get out the door until 12:30 yesterday afternoon because Scott was waiting for me to announce that I was ready while I was waiting for him to tell me it was time to get ready. Cordelia was the one who finally prodded us into action. We went to the library (I stayed in the car) and returned a bunch of books and CDs. I had one CD waiting, and Cordelia had one book. We each had one more item come in before the library closed that Scott and I will probably pick up tomorrow. We could wait longer because, due to the expected closure, they're extending the hold period until mid-June. I think Cordelia, at least, will want her book sooner than that. I don't care so much about the movie waiting for me (Cordelia has pronounced it 'stupid' sight unseen and isn't interested in watching it).

We went to Busch's on the way out of town to get a loaf of bread. Scott originally intended to stop at Zingerman's, but the line there was out the door and around the corner. Busch's was a bit out of our way, but I don't think it lost us much time. Again, I stayed in the car while Scott and Cordelia went in.

I took a book with me because I knew there'd be a lot of time that afternoon when everybody else would be either playing games or watching the Indy 500. Scott's family, for some reason, has a lot of traditions around the Indy 500. They're not interested in any other races, but that one is important. Scott's father did occasionally flip to the Tigers game, too.

Scott's father told me that he sprained his ankle twenty years ago and still has trouble with it. I really hate to think that, twenty years from now, I'm still going to be regretting a half a second of carelessness. Scott's mother who was a nurse said that sprained ankles often take months to heal, much longer than bones do. That fits-- The light brace I've got does nothing for my foot; it's all about my ankle. Of course, my foot still hurts when I put weight on it wrong, so I don't know if the bone is really properly healed.

Scott's parents are planning to buy a membership to the Toledo Zoo with the idea that, during our vacation this summer, everybody (except me) will go there. The package they want will get them and all of their unmarried grandchildren under the age of 21 in for free. The zoo does do scooter rentals, but they don't guarantee that one will be available or that it will be charged when one arrives. The scooter also costs about $30. We did that a few years ago when we went there with a friend and it was a fairly miserable experience for me-- Riding a black scooter in full sun and 90F heat is not particularly fun, and it was crowded enough that I couldn't get close enough to see some of the exhibits.

Dinner was decent. Scott's father had put together his new grill without Scott's help, and he cooked pork on that. Scott and I brought broccoli and bread. Scott's sister brought potato salad and dessert. There was also a green salad and a fruit salad. I skipped the potato salad because it had large chunks of egg visible, and I was afraid I'd accidentally eat some. A migraine was about the last thing I needed.

There were two pies for dessert. One was strawberry and made with sugar and wheat flour. The other was blueberry/cherry and made with stevia (a compromise between Scott's father's diabetes and my problems with artificial sweeteners) and a gluten free crust. I don't really like strawberry pie, so I had some of the blueberry/cherry. I was surprised by how not sweet and generally bland it was. Usually, at least in my experience, stevia makes things much sweeter than sugar does.

Scott's parents hadn't provided much guidance as to what sort of gifts they'd like. Scott's father's wishlist had one item on it (for three kids), and Scott's mother's list had two. Scott's father wanted a speaker to use with his mp3 player. Scott wasn't sure what sort of mp3 player he had, so Scott bought two different ones, one wireless and one not. Scott's sister bought him yet a third speaker. Goodness knows if their brother will also buy a speaker. Scott's sister gave their mother jewelry, and Scott gave her a bluetooth headset to use with her phone. Unfortunately, it appears that her phone (the landline) is not compatible with the headset, so she may not actually be able to use it.

Scott's parents had my gift shipped to our house because Amazon said it wouldn't arrive until tomorrow at the earliest. Naturally, it came on Saturday. They got me a CD and two books, all from my wishlist. Scott's sister and her family got me a CD and a microfiber thing to wrap my hair in after I shower. I already had one of the latter, but it's only half as big as I need it to be. The new one is a good bit bigger, but I think it's going to take me some practice to get the hang of using it. They also gave me some special soap for washing the cloth thingy. Both are Norwex items, and Norwex apparently claims that its products can't be cleaned with ordinary soap.

Although Scott didn't have to work today, we didn't stay very late. Scott was feeling really, really dreadful and was afraid he wouldn't stay awake on the drive home if we waited too long.

After we got home, I showered. I thought it would work better to do it last night rather than this morning when I'd be competing with Scott for access. I probably shouldn't have worried about it. I've been up nearly an hour, and Scott's still in bed. I could actually have showered without problems, and then I wouldn't have had to sleep on wet hair.

Time to do some Metanews work so that I don't need to do any tomorrow. I might have time then, but I also might not. I suppose it depends on how Scott's feeling. There are a couple of errands that we really and truly need to run (my driver's license expires tomorrow, and we need more bus tokens. The ones we use can only be purchased at the bus company's central office and can only be bought in lots of 100. That will likely be more than enough to see Cordelia all the way through high school).

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May. 25th, 2015 12:16 am
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Storytelling party did not work. A few people came, and it was quiet and pleasant, but it was not a storytelling party. I took all the food down to the lobby, where everyone was.

sketches daily

May. 24th, 2015 12:44 pm
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I finally got a drawing app on my phone! It's called Procreate, because someone thinks they're funny. And I'm drawing more! Because I always have my phone with me, you know? And the challenge of learning to use this app is fun. Also basically learning to fingerpaint. It's funny the things that provide motivation. Anyway, I'm trying to take 15 minutes a day to do the @sketch_dailies prompts. I've started posting them at my public twitter and my tumblr. Dunno how long I'm going to keep it up, but I've got 3 so far!

New vid: "Pipeline"

May. 24th, 2015 09:54 am
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[personal profile] brainwane premiered a new vid at Wiscon 2015!

It's called "Pipeline".

Because the tech industry's got a blank space, baby. And it'll write your name.

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May. 24th, 2015 10:12 am
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Neither Scott nor I slept well last night. His cold includes a nasty cough, and his bi-PAP is really giving him a lot of trouble. I have no idea why I didn't sleep, but I tossed and turned for hours. Well, my right ankle hurt a fair amount, but I've slept with it acting up before. I don't know.

I've gotten my Remix assignment, and I'm tentatively pleased. I haven't actually read any of the fics I could remix yet; I've just been skimming through blurbs and seeing which characters are tagged. My remixee's pet characters and pairings aren't mine, and they seem to be doing a lot with the portion of canon I don't know so very well, but I'm confident I can make it work. If I can't, they have three stories in another fandom I know, and those have characters I'm pretty confident I can work with.

Scott's parents had Amazon ship my birthday present to me directly. I was very startled by that because that's not normally something they'd do. We'll be seeing them this afternoon for the birthday gathering (there are four May birthdays), so they could have given them to me then. Of course, they may have been thinking that the package wouldn't arrive until Tuesday or Wednesday, and that would make getting the contents to me difficult.

I spent a little time last night deleting some of my music. I stuck with stuff I own on CD, for the most part, but I did delete a bunch of Christmas music that I don't own in any other form. Scott's got a lot of Christmas music (and more storage space), and very little of what I had was of the sort where I could sing along which is what I want from Christmas music.

Scott can't find the Mountain Lion CDs, so upgrading my OS is on hold for the moment. I really do hope he can find them. Not being able to get Google docs to work in Safari is giving me real problems. Google is 90% of what I use Safari for. The rest is staying logged in to various Metanews accounts so that I don't have to keep logging in and out of the things I use both personally and for Metanews.

I don't know when Scott will be able to do the grocery shopping, and it's an issue because we're out of the things I would normally eat. We're also out of the things Scott prefers to eat when he's this sick. I'm not sure exactly where we stand for things Cordelia will eat, but I suspect that's not good either.

Cordelia and her friends have reached their target of raising $80 to donate to charity. They're going to give me the cash and have me make the donation to Oxfam. They can never remember the name of the charity they picked (they heard about it from a friend whose mother donates regularly. I asked her what the charity was, and she told me). I just have to bring my purse into the living room so that I have my credit card handy.

Back on the merry-go-round

May. 24th, 2015 09:04 am
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As I write, I am in the process of applying to get back on the academic merry-go-round for the 4th time in my life - this time around, I even get to apply for a tuition fees loan, like a proper student!

Yes, I am biting the bullet and starting a PGCE in September. I've finally managed to get the local college to tell me which day the class will be (the classes run from 4pm-9pm) and resigned myself to the fact that this is going to be my life for the next 2 years. I'd already deferred for a year, and that was the right decision, but I don't really have any reason to put it off any longer other than 'oh god, assignments!' and I know that won't wash.

So the plan is that by the time WorldCon is in Helsinki in 2017 (*crosses fingers*), I will be a qualified teacher, which gives me lots more options for the longer term.

I don't want to work for anyone other than the folks I'm working with now, but funding is never certain and anything could change over that period (or sooner!). My boss has been off work for an operation and is due back shortly, so we'll be discussing the new academic year's timetable, where I will hopefully get more hours. I could do with about 8 more hours teaching in order to be comfortable financially, but I can get by if I don't get them - I understand at least one regular tutor is moving on over the summer so there ought to be hours available for me (*crosses fingers again*).

This should be helped by the fact I've had a really good observation recently - one of the senior managers just 'dropped in' and sat in on the 2nd half of my class, without warning, and her feedback was really positive. I'm also getting my paperwork done, while laughing inside at the comparison with the amount I used to have to do in my previous job and how much of a fuss other teachers make about the current requirements. And my students should shortly be passing their exams (and we get bonuses from the government if they do). All these sort of things help, I'm sure.

Meanwhile, this week and next, I'm invigilating exams - full time next week, because it's half term so I have no classes to teach - which has ranged from aggravating to a pleasant passing of the time. Next week's look like being mostly the latter, I am pleased to say; old school hand written stuff with small numbers of students because they have extra time or are allowed breaks during the exam.

We also have some exams where students can use computers instead of writing by hand (if they have permission to do so), usually because of dyslexia, at the end of which we're supposed to save their file and print a copy that they approve. Which is fine until you have (as I did on Wednesday) 22 students doing 9 different exams between them, all with different durations for their exams, and NOTHING IS PRINTING!!!! Everything was just 'churning' for 10-15 minutes before it'd print - we got them all done eventually but it was a nightmare.

From conversations with other invigilators, I understand this isn't uncommon (though the two similar I've done since have been much less traumatic) and some invigilators just don't do computer-based exams so they don't ever have to work that hard. We all get paid the same, depending on our role in running the exam, whether you're run off your feet or just watching one student write for 4 hours.

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May. 23rd, 2015 03:43 pm
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Well, good news and bad news-- The good news is that my bone density scan results are in and my bone density is nicely within normal range. Breaking my foot was not due to brittle bones.

The bad news is that my laptop is almost out of storage memory. It gave me a warning message today, and when I checked, I discovered that my available memory was measured in megabytes.

Since then, I've been trying to find things to delete. I got rid of some games that I've finished and am very unlikely to want to replay, and I went through the rest of my applications folder looking for stuff to get rid of. Apparently the chess program I've never used and will never use is an integral part of the OS and can't be deleted. I got rid of about a hundred jpegs and gifs, but those are trivial in terms of memory.

I can think of two areas where I can probably get rid of some things. The first is that I have a twenty six episode anime stored on my hard drive. I do want to keep it, but I should probably burn it to disk. The second, unfortunately, is my music. There are a few things I own on CD that I'm not very interested in listening to. I can probably delete those. There are some things I've marked that I never ever want to listen to them but have kept because I only own them digitally. Then there are four audiobooks that I haven't listened to but want to but am probably never going to set aside time for.

I'm pretty sure my laptop is currently at capacity in terms of the memory I can put into it. It's at least four years old and quite probably older than that. I'll have to talk to Scott when he's home and feeling better. (I take it as a very bad sign that he should have been out of work 45 minutes ago but I haven't heard from him yet.)

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May. 23rd, 2015 10:45 am
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Scott has a cold. We have no idea where he caught it. I think most likely it was while he was shopping because nobody at work is sick.

The timing is more than a little inconvenient since he had to work today and has committed to going up to his parents' place after work to help his father put together a new grill that he hopes to use for the family gathering tomorrow. That gathering starts early. His parents want us there as close to noon as we can manage (we need to get to the library, and it doesn't open until noon and closes at 6:00 which is certain to be before we get back). I have no idea when the grocery shopping is going to happen.

I also don't know what Cordelia and I are going to eat this evening while Scott's out-- We're out of leftovers, and I'm not sure we've got anything to cook, either. We're down to about three slices of bread, and we're pretty much out of lunch meant and almond butter, so sandwiches aren't really an option. I think we have a can of Progresso chicken noodle soup which I could eat (Cordelia won't touch it). We also have a small bit of refried beans; again, I would eat that, and Cordelia wouldn't.

Scott went to bed at 9:00 last night, but I don't think he slept well. His bi-PAP doesn't work nearly as well when he has a cold; in fact, it can make things worse. It's a bit of a catch-22 because, without it, he sleeps very, very poorly, and he really needs sleep in order to recover.

Scott says he'll dig out the disks I need in order to update my OS so that I can update Safari so that Google will work for me again. I've never done a system update. Scott's always been the one to do them for me, but he's so very, very busy and exhausted. Ah, well. I suppose it's time that I learned. I do know enough to make sure everything I care about is backed up first.

I don't think my laptop is capable of running the most recent OS, but I can upgrade an iteration or two. I'm not sure how far behind I am. I will likely hate getting used to a new interface, but as long as the programs I normally use still work, I should be okay.

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May. 22nd, 2015 12:41 pm
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[community profile] metanews may not get posted until tomorrow. Google docs isn't cooperating in either Safari or Firefox. I've already been fighting with it for an hour, and I have better things to do than to spend six hours doing something that should take half an hour, tops. In Safari, everything's just moving really, really slowly. In Firefox, the document doesn't want to load and keeps telling me to clear my cache and giving me an 'unresponsive script' warning.

My suspicion is that Safari's problem is that I'm using an old version (still the most recent that will work with my OS but old enough that Google keeps warning me that it's no longer supported). Then again, given that Google docs isn't working in Firefox, either, maybe Google's hiccuping. I don't know. I just want to get this dratted thing posted so that I can do something else for a couple of hours. I really hate the way that [community profile] metanews keeps taking up more and more time. I haven't had a single day this week when I have worked on it for at least two hours.

Ah, Firefox has finally deigned to load. Maybe I can do this after all.

It's just discouraging. We put a lot of work into this, and most of what we hear back are complaints that we're not finding the right sort of meta for the right sorts of fandoms and that we're not giving the right sort of information about what we're linking. Oh, and that we don't curate the links to make sure they're good meta.

The first is a problem of not knowing the right places to look and of not having enough people to look carefully. A lot of this stuff is on Tumblr now, and we have no way to deal with Tumblr (and I don't expect we will in the foreseeable future. Nobody wants to commit twenty plus hours a week to link finding on Tumblr. We could have someone spending all of their time searching Tumblr and still not find everything).

The second is a question of time. I'm trying to do each link in under two minutes so that I have time to do all of the others and still eat and sleep. It could be resolved with a few more volunteers to help me with the blog list. Well, partially resolved. I still have no interest in reading most of the articles I link, and I doubt any other link finder would be either. It takes far too much time. I look just enough to be sure it's probably meta and to get a vague idea of what it's about. Then I pull a quote of some sort and go.

The third-- Well, most of the fandoms we link find in, we know nothing at all about beyond what we see in the meta we skim. Judging content with no knowledge is a bad idea. Also, we don't want to be arbiters of what's 'good.' We try to link only to substantive meta, but we're moving really fast. This ties in to complaints I've seen that we 'only link to SJW' stuff. We link to the stuff we can find. We're following more than sixty blogs. We'd add others if they were suggested. There's no point in adding Tumblrs because nobody's checking there. The reason we have, for example, a lot of Buffy meta is that there's a really great newsletter for the fandom on LJ that searches out a lot of good links. We don't, by contrast, have a lot of H5O or Supernatural meta because the sources we have for those don't link any and because none of the blogs we follow talk about those shows.

Okay. Time for lunch. Then I post.
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We made it back home in one piece yesterday. I had a good time in Boston. More on that later.

Just Finished

Matt Fraction's Sex Criminals volume 1: One Weird Trick. Enjoyed it a lot. Loved the way the love story developed. Looking forward to volume 2.

The whole Hawkeye and Mocking Bird arc. New Avengers : The Reunion ; Hawkeye and Mockingbird : Ghosts ; Hawkeye and Mockingbird/Black Widow : Widowmaker ; Hawkeye's solo adventure : Blindspot.

Sue Roe's In Montmartre : Picasso, Matisse and the Birth of Modernist Art . Well written, in a style that is both easy and yet full of information, details and facts. Roe paints the atmosphere in that precise place : Montmartre in the first decade of the XX century in a way that the reader is take on the journey of the artists who shaped the way art was made, created, perceived for the next century. The threads woven between the visual arts, fashion, dance, cinema and the circus create a wonderful history where Montmartre was the laboratory of a cultural revolution.

Avengers : Hawkeye Solo and Black Widow #1 by Nathan Edmondson.

This is my dead tree book.

I've picked up Microserfs again in ebook.

Nothing. I'm gonna finish at least one of the current books before I pick a new one up.

Nothing. I was on vacation and didn't buy any books.


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