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There is a plea from one of the show's staff to avoid spoilers for the rest of this summer, btw.
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I finally put up the spoiler post about the conclusion to the series, League of Dragons, today. (Here's the entirely-spoiler-free review if that's what you're after.)

And I'm also doing daily Toast Retrospectives, looking back at what the Toast published three years ago each day, over at the ToastCrumbs subreddit.

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Jul. 26th, 2016 03:36 pm
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We’re going to have to switch to offsite hosting for our websites. ACD won’t do a static IP address unless we buy a business account. I couldn’t find figures on that, but they start with the assumption of at least thirty voice lines, so… Yeah.

I can find hosting for us with a company we’ve done business with before for domain registration for $10 a month for 'unlimited' sites, storage, bandwidth, and domain registration. I’m very dubious of the 'unlimited' part, but we’re not likely to run up against reasonable limits. I think my fic site gets the most traffic, and that’s not particularly much. The photo/video site takes more space but mostly gets traffic from various grandparents. Hosting a single site with 100 GB of storage is only $2 cheaper per month, so I don’t see any point in going that direction.

I thought Scott would fight me on this because he’s never been willing to talk to me about the idea before, but he says the price is good and that it’s been getting harder and harder to keep our webserver safe.

I don’t know if we’ll bother to transfer the PlotLuck website proper. I don’t think that gets any use at all. Though maybe I could invest the time necessary to do something with it. I haven’t had access to meddle with it, and Scott hasn’t had time. We’ve talked about posting our rules as an open source thing. Probably no one would notice, but who knows? It’s a pretty simple system geared toward one shot games, so maybe someone might want to tweak it or borrow from it for their own use. We’ve been using the rules since the 1980s, so we know the weak points.

I need to check and make sure that I can keep my email address associated with our url since I’ve used that in a few places where I didn’t want to go with Gmail (pretty much PayPal and anything I use PayPal with). I just don’t want my PayPal account connected to a webmail account.

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Jul. 26th, 2016 01:14 pm
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It’s very, very bad that, at the moment, making a business phone call appeals to me more than opening a document and writing.

Well, at least it means the phone call’s likely to get done…

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Jul. 26th, 2016 12:28 pm
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The AT&T repair technician came yesterday while I was out, did some sort of repair, and left without giving any indication that they’d been there. I didn’t find out until I logged in to the site to check on the repair status. I suspected because the internet was much better last night (apart from the AT&T repair tracking website being down for an hour or two). We had trouble between about 8:00 and 9:00, but that’s a lot better than between 4:00 and 10:00.

There must have been something to repair out there because, if there hadn’t been, the technician would have knocked to see if they could come in (which they couldn’t have because I wasn’t home and they’re only allowed into a house if someone over the age of eighteen is there to supervise).

About 9:30 yesterday morning, I started feeling nausea. I was pretty sure it was anxiety, so I took an Ativan, and that helped. I ended up taking a cab to the dentist because I was worried that I wouldn’t be able to do without a trip to the bathroom for the forty five minutes it would take me to get there by bus. The cab trip was under ten minutes. I have no idea why it costs $3 more to get to the dentist than it does to get to UHS which is only about five blocks away. They charge by expected milage rather than by time.

The hygienist I was to see was running a little late, so I didn’t get into the chair until fifteen minutes after my appointment. Filling out the appointment paperwork, I noticed that I had somehow never told them that I take levothyroxine. I’ve been taking that for at least three years now and seeing the dentist every six months, so I really don’t know how on earth I forgot. They did the large, detailed set of x-rays they like to get every five to seven years. It had been six for me.

When I saw the dentist, she agreed that my bite splint is dying. She said that it’s possible that, because I’m using different insurance now than I was when I got the first one in the 1990s, my new insurance might pay for one. She’s going to have her receptionist send in a formal query so that we get a formal answer. If insurance won’t cover it, we’ll have to figure out where the money will come from because, if I don’t wear the dratted thing at night, my teeth hurt pretty constantly.

I took about an hour and a half to walk from the dentist to Totoro. That was due to Ingress rather than distance. I think the distance is eight to ten blocks. I attacked and captured a bunch of portals along the way, mostly things I had never captured before. By the time I got home yesterday, I’d accumulated almost half of the remaining points I need to get to level 8.

At any rate, I got to Totoro around 2:00. I texted Cordelia to let her know I’d be a while yet and Scott to see if maybe he could pick me up at the library after work instead of me taking the bus. I had a teriyaki chicken bento, two glasses of Dr Pepper (which I shouldn’t have because of caffeine and dehydration), and three glasses of water. I was done by about 2:45 and walked toward the library, still doing Ingress all the way. I got to the library and checked out all of my holds. At that point, it was three or four minutes until the bus left. The spot I’d have to get to was about a block and a half away, and I might have been able to make it if I hurried and if the lights at the crosswalk were in my favor, but I didn’t feel like I could handle that, so I sat in the library for a while.

I talked to Cordelia on the phone (she called because she was wondering what on earth I was doing still being out) and to Scott when he got off work about 3:30. He intended to (and did) get the oil changed if he could get to the place before they closed which meant that it would be after 5:00 before he could pick me up. He was willing if I wanted to wait. I didn’t. I kind of regretted that because the library bag was very, very heavy and hard to carry, but I caught the #22 home at 3:48 and was home by 4:10.

I was utterly exhausted, so I lay down for a while. I think what I really needed was to drink a lot more water. I had about sixteen ounces when I got in, but I couldn’t make myself drink more right then. Later on, I drank more water and started to get my energy back, at least enough to sit in the living room for the evening while we watched Castle in the Sky. I had pan fried summer squash with mushrooms for dinner (Scott made it; I couldn’t have right then). I wasn’t hungry enough to manage anything else. The squash was a little crunchier than I like it, but, you know, Scott cooked it the way he likes it.

At bedtime, I discovered that I had sunburned my shoulders, right by my neck and extending out about three inches. I had thought that my shirt covered those bits, so that surprised me quite a lot. I think the shirt must have gotten pulled to the side by my purse or something because the other bits of me that were under the shirt didn’t burn at all. Also, my bra straps ought to have covered part of what burned as well. I hadn’t thought to take sunscreen with me on my excursion because, normally, I’m not in the sun long enough to burn. It doesn’t hurt, but I put some aloe on it anyway.

Today, I need to call ACD about changing our internet service. I was hoping that they’d respond to my email, but they didn’t. It’s possible that they thought yesterday wasn’t a good day for it since I told them I wouldn’t be available between 10:00 and 2:00. Who knows?

I’m pretty sure, at this point, that I’m not going to finish the Narnia story by Friday. It’s still possible, but I didn’t write at all the last four days, and I’m not sure I’m going to be able to make myself do it today.

When I talked to Mom on Sunday, she gave me a hard time over me not following official news coverage of the RNC and DNC and the election in general. She considers that irresponsible. I’m not convinced because I don’t foresee anything coming up that would change my mind about who I’m voting for. Hillary Clinton is not perfect (nor is Bernie Sanders), but I’ve been going to vote for her all along. There wasn’t anybody the Republicans could have put forward who would have any chance of getting my vote, barring a sudden translocation into the West Wing universe with Alan Alda’s character running, and even then…

At any rate, me paying attention or not paying attention isn’t going to have an impact on anything, and at least watching comedy about it all doesn’t send my anxiety through the roof and gives me a little context.

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Jul. 25th, 2016 08:40 am
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Naturally, given that I had to be up at 7:00 this morning, Scott’s phone went off three times during the night. We couldn’t figure out why or how to stop it from doing it again. It went off at midnight, at 12:40 and at 4:15 (Scott had to be up at 5:00). Each occasion lasted only about three minutes, but it was loud.

I managed to deal with two old emails/PMs/comments last night. Both were months old, and both were things that I’d been getting really anxious about every time I thought about answering. Not because answering was unpleasant or anything but because I felt like I was horribly, horribly late in answering and so quite rude. I’ve got two things from April left to answer and one from May and two from June. There are also three things from July, two to be answered and one to prompt me to take care of something that I need to get done. Maybe I can do two more tomorrow?

Scott and I went out yesterday afternoon to pick up some stuff at Kroger and to drop off our library stuff at the Traverwood branch. I hacked several portals on the way home because we took a back road. My returns haven’t, for the most part, been checked in yet which always makes me a bit tense because I remember the time when they shelved all of those things without checking them in and then never found the last one. Traverwood usually checks things in pretty rapidly but not this time. Ah, well. The library opens at 9:00, so I’ll wait and see.

We got milkshakes from the McDonald’s next to the Kroger. Scott thought about Orange Leaf, but we agreed that Cordelia would be upset if we let that slip. I suggested getting frosties, including one for her, but Scott pointed out that that would change our route home and mean I could only hack two portals instead of six.

I need 200000 more points to advance to level eight in Ingress. That means I’m actually kind of hoping for people from the other side to come by and take out the local portals. As long as they do it at a time when I can get to them without half killing myself.

I have a dentist appointment today. My current plan is to take the bus there. I’m still up in the air about how to get home. The #23 won’t get me within walking distance of home until the route detour ends this fall, and I’m not sure about walking from the dentist to where I can catch the #22. I think I can get from there to the part of State St that has restaurants. My appointment is at 11:00, so i’ll be getting there around 12:30.

Stopping for lunch might make sense and would cost less than a cab from the dentist to home (only just, though). If I go to Totoro and get my usual, that will cost (including tip) about $11. Assuming they haven’t raised the prices. Espresso Royale would be less expensive than Totoro but would mean just having a muffin as opposed to, you know, real food.

I know that, after a rest, I can get the rest of the way to the #22 from there. I’m just not sure— Should I walk the extra three blocks and go to the library on the way to the bus station or just catch the #22 at Division? I won’t know if I can make it to the library until I’m nearly there. The bag is currently empty, so carrying it wouldn’t be that big a deal. It would even give me a place for my water bottle for most of the trip.

I did no writing at all during the weekend. When I had time, I was either too tired or found other things to work on instead. I think I’m going to see if I can find a spiral notebook to take with me to my appointment. The dentist’s office doesn’t have wifi, so I can’t easily write on Google docs (there’s an option for working on a given document offline if I set it up while I have wifi, but getting that offline document to upload the new stuff once I have wifi again is challenging).

Scott’s been looking at Ingress maps for the area where we’ll be staying in Chicago. The hotel is in a heavily green area, but there’s more dispute further into the city. Scott’s complaining about the fact that we’ll have to go completely around Chicago to get to and from the hotel, but I really do think that’s better than the other options.

I talked to my mother last night to tell her we’ll be stopping by for lunch next Sunday. I had to repeat the timing about three times. I hope that’s a sign that she was distracted rather than a sign of anything else (I caught her at the end of a day spent trying to install a shower in a bathroom with a slanted ceiling, so distraction seems likely, but she’s seventy).

Cordelia decided that she wanted to skip Brave in order to go to Captain America: Winter Soldier in her alphabetical trip through our movie collection. She skipped several other things that she’s never seen before but knows with absolute certainty are terrible. She just knows.

Scott enjoyed the Star Trek movie quite a lot. It provoked a lot of thought for him about how we, as a nation, define ourselves and what that means for how we deal with the world. I guess this is another movie that he’ll buy and that I will then see well before we could get it from the library or Netflix.

Stranger Things

Jul. 25th, 2016 07:58 am
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Stranger Things:Basic concept/review )

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Jul. 24th, 2016 11:47 am
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Damn. Google’s detailed routes aren’t printing correctly from Firefox. Each one prints three sheets with just a single line— the header— on pages one and three and incomplete route information starting on page two. I’m going to have to have Scott buy more paper and see if I can print the stupid things via some other browser. That might work. If it doesn’t, I’m not sure what to do. I’m not willing to spend the time to transcribe the routes into word processing documents, but we really can’t rely on our phones having charge all day. The route home, I don’t need to print again because we only need enough of it to reach 94, and that’s all there.

So, basically, I’ve wasted about twenty sheets of printer paper. At this point, we’ve got maybe forty sheets left, so I hesitate to print anything else at all.

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Jul. 24th, 2016 11:04 am
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I was right. Scott had to leave as soon as he got dressed. I don’t think he even ate anything before he left. I hope he remembered his Beano so that he can eat some popcorn without getting sick.

Scott says he wants to keep any Lego people we might have. I was going to let him sort them out, but I knew that, if I asked him to, it would be weeks before he got to it. I don’t know how many of the figures will actually be useful for his purpose (minis for gaming), but they’re separated out now.

Ideally, I’d like Scott to take them and the books not worth selling to donate today. Art Fair may make that too hard to manage (it certainly means the books won’t go to the Friends of the Library), but keeping two tubs of toys in the living room isn’t great (and taking them back down to the basement seems unwise).

I’ve printed the directions from the Chicago hotel to various destinations including back home. Later on, when I feel a little more able to focus on it, I will print the directions for getting to the hotel from all of those places. Experience tells me that reversing things doesn’t necessarily work with, say, bus routes, and I don’t want to rely on Scott (or me or Cordelia) having enough charge on his cell phone to access directions that way.

I’m going to have to nail Scott down on what he wants to do when so that I can print directions from one destination to another. I’m not willing to do directions from everywhere to everywhere else, not when there are five or six distinct destinations that he and Cordelia are talking about.

Scott apparently doesn’t care when bread gets stale because I can’t persuade him to put loaves into bags or to close those bags. He’ll eat it anyway, but Cordelia and I won’t. Yesterday, he bought baba ghanouj that came with very thin flatbread for dipping. Scott left the bread open on the counter. I found it about six hours later at which point it was crunchy. We had a similar problem with flour tortillas earlier this week. The bag hadn’t gotten closed at all, and all of the tortillas were so dry they were crispy. I suppose that microwaving might revive one of those, but I resent having to try to salvage something like that. Also, microwaving only tends to keep things soft for a couple of minutes.

I’m going to wash the dirty sheets now. Then I’ll see about getting Cordelia to put away silverware so that I can run the dishwasher. After that, I’m not sure. I should write, but I feel like I need a nap. I got up earlier than usual because of Scott getting up, and I’ll have to do it again tomorrow because I have a dentist appointment in the morning. Or maybe I could manage a walk. It’s not horrifically hot yet, and it’s not actually raining right this second.

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Jul. 24th, 2016 09:18 am
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Scott is going to see the Star Trek movie at 10 a.m. He thinks he’s going to shower and make pancakes and still get there on time. I think he’s going to shower and then realize that he has to leave right away or he won’t make the showing. At this point, he’s got forty five minutes before the showing, and he’s not out of the bathroom yet. I really don’t think he’s going to have time for pancakes.

Cordelia has been watching movies (DVD and Blu-ray) with us in the evenings. She says she wants to go through the movies she likes in alphabetical order, so we’ve done Alice in Wonderland (Disney animated), Avengers, Avengers: Age of Ultron, and Big Hero 6. It means that Scott and I aren’t getting through our Netflix DVDs, but it’s really, really nice to have some time with Cordelia actually in the room with us.

I forgot to mention yesterday— We got pizza Friday night. Our internet connection was so bad that I couldn’t order online. We had to call because the Cottage Inn website will make you start over if things take too long to process. The guy Scott got on the phone could not understand when Scott said his name. First the guy thought he’d said John; then he thought Scott had said Josh. We really can’t figure out how he got there. He did, fortunately, get the order right.

Scott ended up putting the bed back together last night. I had worn myself out with a long (for me) walk that I started about 9:45. If I’d remembered needing to make the bed, I would not have gone nearly as far. As it was, I went down by the church and then up into the science and nature center parking lot.

I pulled some more books off our shelves last night. I’m trying to decide whether or not it’s worth hanging onto the one children’s book in order to give it to the school library. It’s in quite good condition, and it’s a fairly popular/well known book (Neil Gaiman’s Coraline). I offered it to Cordelia, but she doesn’t want it.

I tried Stash’s Moroccan mint green tea this morning. I thought I could probably get away with mint this early in the day. It wasn’t bad at all. The mint rather overwhelmed the green tea which was a plus for me but might not be for someone else.

I also tried Stash’s premium green tea the other day. I think I got the temperature of the water close to right. I’m never going to love plain green tea, but I didn’t hate this.

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Jul. 23rd, 2016 06:35 pm
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I found us a hotel and made the reservation. I researched costs for transit options in Chicago. I did the dishes. I stripped and partially remade the bed. I sorted the last bin of junk from the basement and then rinsed and soaked all of the plastic stuff in water with bleach in the bathtub (that’s all air drying now). I helped bring in and put away groceries. I scraped labels off of some empty prescription bottles so that I could get rid of them without having someone steal my refills or get detailed information on what meds I’m taking (the pharmacy has changed glues to something more waterproof, so this was more work than I expected). I pulled a few more unread books off the shelves in our bedroom in order to get rid of them.

I still have to finish making the bed (some time in the next four hours) and to wash the dirty sheets (some time in the next two weeks), but I’m pretty exhausted physically speaking. I was starting to get a headache, so I had some coffee about two hours ago, and that helped.

What I still haven’t done is any sort of writing. I really, really need to do that, and it has to be on the WIP Big Bang Narnia story because I have to post that no later than Friday.

But, instead, I’ll probably just stare at my laptop, refreshing a handful of different pages, and think about how I really ought to find something to eat for dinner. Maybe, if I get really motivated, I’ll answer some emails/comments. I’ve shifted from 'answer email' as a thing on my running to-do list to having each specific email/comment response as a separate item. I think I’m more likely to do them if I feel like I’m completing something each time I answer one.

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Jul. 23rd, 2016 05:08 pm
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I’ve been seeing all sorts of things talking about the Wonder Woman movie poster and how great it is. I just— I look at it, and all I can think is, "Wait. They cut off her head." To be fair, you can see part of her head, from the nose down, but cutting off part of it tells me what the designers think we care about.

I mean, it’s a pretty poster, and having her holding a sword says something, but… I’d really like her whole head.

Am I overreacting? I can't tell.

Things that are good in a heatwave

Jul. 23rd, 2016 06:46 pm
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Remembering that you have an ice lolly (a.k.a. popsicle, I believe) mould at the back of a cupboard.

Also, it turns out that an unsweetened jasmine tea ice lolly is an unusual and refreshing thing (yes, it's just frozen tea-on-a-stick; given the basic goal of reducing body temperature as much as possible, this totally works for me).

Btw, I reiterate the lido offer for DW peeps in London (for upcoming weekdays, anyway -- getting too crowded at weekends).
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Blackberries, blueberries, donut peaches, and black pepper chevre.

Also made rhubarb syrup today -- 5 half-pint jars, now cooling on my countertop. I may make something else tomorrow. Peach salsa, maybe?


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